Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sweet moments with my Savior

I love mornings like this morning.  James woke up at 5:11, which meant I had to get up and resettle him back in bed.  It was surprisingly easy today, and by 5:25ish I was back in bed.  But since I really felt pretty wide awake, I thought, why not just get up and get a jump start on the day.  By 6:45, I had showered, dried my hair, fixed a nice breakfast for Jim and myself, packed a lunch for Jim, and seen him off to work.  As I stood waving goodbye, I noticed how delicious the weather was this morning... just the slightest nip in the air, clear blue sky and the birds were singing... and I thought why not spend time with God OUTSIDE this morning?

So I gathered my Bible, journal, pen and sweater, and headed out to my rocking chair on the back porch.  Somehow it seemed easier to stay focused on what I was praying about when all the "to-dos" of the day weren't staring me in the face.  I just sat for a while listening to the birds chirping and watching the wind in the trees and contemplated the complexity of all that God created.  WOW!

We have discovered hundreds or maybe even thousands of species of birds, and yet there are still more that are thus far unknown.  Each one has its own shape, coloration pattern and call.  They have hearts, lungs, brains, etc. like us, and yet, we can't fly.

And consider the trees.  Some grow to be less than 10-15 feet tall like Crape Myrtles (some varieties), while others like the Redwood grow so large that you can make a tunnel in the trunk large enough to drive a car through!!!  With so many complexities and variations, how can one not see the fingerprint of a Divine Creator woven throughout?  (I realize that I risk offending some of my readers, but when I study science in depth and considered how complex our world is, I just can't fathom any other possible answer to what I see.)

After praising God for His glorious creativity that I observed in the birds and trees, I enjoyed singing two of my favorite hymns- Love lifted me and the Old Rugged Cross- and reading a few chapters from 1 Peter.  What a precious time of reflection and teaching from my Savior!  Isn't it beautiful that the God that created our universe in all its complexity is ready and waiting any time that we make time to come together with him?!!  I am so thankful that he does, and I am ashamed that I don't take advantage of the privilege more often!  I hope that all of you will know him personally one day!

Happy Hump day!


And because I hate to blog and not post something, here's a sneak peek from last weekend's wedding.  :)


  1. Oh you are such a tease! Glenda (Mother of the Bride)

  2. Waiting,waiting, waiting! Can't wait to see the rest!!