Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blayne is 3!!

My buddy Blayne turned three last Friday (zoo day), and Sunday afternoon we had his birthday party. Beth let him pick out the party stuff, and he decided to go with a batman theme. She said it was funny because the party stuff for his three favorite things- Cars, Batman and Star Wars- happened to be right next to each other at the party store, so she thought he'd have a hard time choosing, but nope... batman it was.

We celebrated at the bowling alley after church on Sunday and had a blast! (of course!) There were 2 kids and about 12 adults... haha!

Blayne was HILARIOUS when it was his turn to bowl because he could just barely pick up the ball. He would carry it to the end of the lane and then just drop it and let it roll. (It took like 3 minutes before it actually reached the pins!!) Once or twice we had to roll another ball behind his to bump it because it just didn't have enough "umph" to get all the way there.

He was excited about his cake and the candles but wasn't sure about the whole being sung to thing. He started out smiling, and then rethought that about halfway through and replaced it with a frown, but when we finished, he was back to his old self and
had a good time blowing his candles out.
This was my first "real" attempt at decorating a cake, and I think it came out pretty good! At least Blayne and Beth were happy with it! (And I love this cream cheese frosting recipe I found!! Email me, and I'll gladly share it!)

Presents were great of course! And boy! Did he ever make out well on that front! He got tons of new toys, movies, etc.

It was a great party, and I can hardly believe my buddy is three now!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Outing to the Detroit Zoo

It has been a LONG time since my last post because I have not had any real photo opportunities since then. (Winter in Michigan after the snow melts leaves a pretty bleak background for pictures!) In the meantime, I finally saved enough money for my zoom lens, and today was my first chance to use it outside!

Today was Blayne's 3rd birthday, so Beth, Blayne, Kristin, Collette (Kristin's sister), Anna (Kristin's niece), Titus (Kristin's nephew) and I went to the Detroit zoo to celebrate. We had such a great time! I got some precious pictures of each of the kids and some great ones of the animals too. Like always I had a hard time picking the pictures to post, so I am posting SEVERAL of them. Enjoy!

Blayne had a blast pulling his wagon!

I thought this was a cute one of Titus trying to run off at lunchtime.

This is Anna. Isn't she precious?!!

I LOVE this one of Beth and BLayne!

Titus is checking out the llamas... I mean humpless camels... what?!! They sure look like llamas to me! (Sorry you had to be there.)

Another sweet shot of Anna.

Titus and Blayne both wanted to pull the wagon, and finally decided that they could share. Isn't that cute?!!

Blayne is explaining to me that the donkey (left) says "he-haw."

I must have gotten 30 photos of the peacock while we waited for him to finally spread his tail feathers. GORGEOUS!

You should have seen this peacock follow us. Beth chased it away several times. (I think he wanted Blayne's popcorn!)

In the arctic exhibit, there was a tunnel that lead under the seals' pool.

Titus could not get enough of watching the seals swim over our heads!

The Prairie dog exhibit was neat because you could go down in the the tunnels and stick your head up right next to them! Blayne really enjoyed that!

This might be my favorite one of Anna!

Titus was not about to get too close to the geese- they might bite! (He was right!)

WAR EAGLE, HEY! Shout out to Dad and Emy who are at orientation this weekend in Auburn!

Of course I had to get the tigers too... I mean I did graduate from Auburn!

This is for my Michigan wolverine fans.