Friday, November 6, 2009

Chris and Kathleen

Two weekends ago I photographed my third wedding. This was my first wedding as the lead photographer! (And my sister Emily did a WONDERFUL job as my assistant!) The day of the rehearsal nasty rain clouds were threatening to let loose on us, and we were afraid that it would rain on the wedding day too! (It was an outside wedding!)

There were definitely some hiccups the next day (the groom's ring getting misplaced for example) as there always are, but the weather couldn't have been more perfect! The sky was perfectly clear, and the temperature was wonderful (not too cold or hot). There was a slight breeze blowing from time to time which helped me get some neat candids. The trees were starting to change a little, and overall, it made for a very beautiful setting.
It was a small wedding with only 50 or so guests, so it was simple but beautiful too. I loved the brides' choice of a dress with a red sash- it's so fun when a bride chooses something that's different than the norm!

Due to schedule constraints and the time lost searching for the groom's missing ring, I didn't get very much time for photographs before or after the ceremony, so sadly I wasn't able to capture the neat artistic candids that I had envisioned. Nevertheless, I did get all the shots that the bride had requested and a couple extras that I think they will be very happy with.

All in all, the day turned out well, and I am very excited to say that I have my first "on-my-own" wedding under my belt! I can't wait to do my next one!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Elden and Kristy- my second wedding

As I was preparing my blog about my most recent wedding, I realized that in the craziness of moving this summer, I never posted about the wedding I assisted at in June. This wedding was in the same county in Ohio as my first wedding, which guaranteed me to have some interesting shots.
The weather was beautiful that day! We started earlier than we did at the last wedding because the bride wanted us to get shots of her "getting ready". So our day started at about 9:30 and then lasted until about 10:30. Yes, a 13-hour day! Needless to say my whole body was aching afterwards, but it was worth it!

We got some beautiful shots of the girls at the church and some nice ceremony shots as well. My favorite shoot of the whole day was when we stopped at a field of wild flowers and had them walk through it- talk about BEAUTIFUL photos! The wedding, of course, included the traditional Putnam County bar stops and a long reception at the American Legion.

The bride was beautiful, and even though her husband was not totally into the whole photo thing, we did manage to get some nice shots.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Swartz

I have REALLY slacked on posting on the blog, but until recently I haven't had any shoots to post. Now I'm getting back on track with this post about my first baby shoot! (I'll be posting about my most recent wedding soon.)

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine let me come over and take 6 week shots of her beautiful baby girl. We had such a great time dressing her over and over and putting her in different places, and I'm very pleased with some of the shots we got. Seriously she has to be one of the cutest babies EVER. She has a perfect little face with the sweetest little features- a button nose, big beautiful eyes, and precious little ears! Love it!