Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Victory is sweet!

I'm down in the sunshine state spending some quality time with my parents! I actually came down to do a "stock photo" shoot for the Children's Forum (look for those photos soon), which for little man (and me) basically meant a free trip down to see Bigdad and Grandmom! Holla!!

Yesterday was mom's "day off" from teaching classes so we made "victory" cookies for her to take to her physical therapy session. She has just graduated from one-on-one PT sessions to basically coming and doing her PT by herself with the therapists nearby to answer any questions she has. She wanted to thank her therapists for their hard work these last two months by suprising them with sugar cookies. It just so happened that one of her therapists is a Florida Gator fan, and it just so happened that AUBURN BEAT the Gators on Saturday. So it only seemed right to decorate the cookies with AU's and "WAR EAGLE". "Victory" cookies just seemed fit all the way around! Don't you love double entendres? And of course... I had to get some photos of our culinary accomplishment!

It's been a good visit- photo shoots, football, cookies and all! We head back home tomorrow. We are sad to leave Bigdad and Grandmom behind again, but we are soooooooo ready to be back with Dada!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Here's a sneak peak from the Forum shoot. I'll explain about it in a later post.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Senior Rep: Kishan P.

You'll never guess where I first met Kishan... a Mary Kay debut! No, really! (BTW... he wasn't there to try out the makeup.) He came to support our mutual friend (and my new MK recruit), Numa, and let me tell you it takes a special kind of guy to brave a Mary Kay party for a friend! We had a lot of fun at that debut, and there were actually two other guy friends who came so he wasn't too badly outnumbered. But who would have known I'd find one of my MALE Senior Reps there that day!

Kishan is one of the students you WANT to represent your business. He is responsible, prompt at returning emails or texts/calls, and takes direction well. He made sure he knew exactly what would be required of him BEFORE he accepted the Rep position, and he isn't afraid to ask when he doesn't understand something. I like that!

Kishan also brings a new diversity to my senior photography. His family is Indian, and he grew up speaking Gujarati at home. So of course I had to include some photos of him in his awesome Shervani (Indian attire). Fun new territory for me! I like a challenge! Enjoy browsing his photos and look for great things in the future from this Senior from North Gwinnett High!

Monday, October 10, 2011

REWIND... L. Gwartney 15 months

This next installment in my REWIND series features a friend's little girl. This was a fun photo session that we were able to work into my schedule when I went down to Florida to photograph a graduation last May. Little Miss Gwartney is too cute for words! I was chasing a moving target as she ran all over this little park pointing at "dis". There were a LOT of "dis" 's! We played with pinecones and sticks, checked out a rail fence and a fallen log, and played on the swings, slide and jungle gym. It's so much fun to watch her grow, especially because she's one week older than my little guy, and we have fun comparing the stages they are in. Hope you enjoy browsing through these fun photos!

Happy Monday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

REWIND... Baby Randolph

The following is another edition of my REWIND series to catch everyone up on the whereabouts of my camera while I was working hard at Mary Kay this spring and summer.

The first weekend of April, I had the honor of shooting a newborn session (or make that two sessions) for a friend of mine. She and her husband have been hoping and praying for a baby for so long, and "baby Randolph" is the long-awaited answer to that prayer. God is GOOD!!

Baby Randolph is not only sweet but modest too! She was very quick to voice her objections to the idea of being photographed in just her skivvies. Obtaining the photos you will see below required two photo sessions (on two separate days), a hair dryer, a warm blanket, a Binky, and a nursing mommy nearby. She was a tough subject (as most newbies are) but the final product was well worth the effort!

Congratulations, mom and dad! I'm sorry I'm almost six months late posting these photos for you all to enjoy!

Happy Monday!