Friday, June 12, 2009

Mast Family

I had the great pleasure of doing my first family shoot last Saturday at the Toledo Botanical Gardens. These are friends from church who graciously let me take up about 2 hours on their Saturday afternoon, and we got some great shots.

Evan was SO into the geese, and consequently, I have like a million shots of him with them. We had to practically bribe him away from them so that we could get some "non-geese" shots. It was funny!

We managed to drag him away from his beloved geese to the stone-walled garden for a few minutes, and we got some beautiful shots with just Phil and Jen.
And it worked out well in the end because when we went to the other side of the garden where the duck pond is, a mother duck and her little ducklings swam right up next to where we were sitting, and Evan was thrilled!

Somewhere during the garden shots, Evan found an empty bird's nest and decided that he needed to take it to the geese. From then on, the nest became like the "where's waldo" of the shoot because it's in almost all of the other pictures that Evan is in! haha! (See if you can find it!)

All in all, it went well, and I'm glad that Jen was happy with "shots that told a story" because with a very energetic and determined young man in the group, we didn't get any posed shots! haha! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring in Michigan!!

So spring is finally here! Yes, I said spring... it's definitely not summer weather yet here by any means. (It was in the 40's when we got up today, and it's JUNE!!)

All the BEAUTIFUL flowers that have bloomed have been calling my name, and I finally made a couple of outings and got a few nice shots. (Of course I had to include a picture of my little buddy too since he went with me! :) Enjoy!