Friday, May 4, 2012

Book a FREE engagement session!!!!

Happy Friday!  YAY!!  It's the weekend!  Well.... almost anyway.

Today I'm going to open up and get vulnerable with you all.  I want to tell you about a personal growth challenge I have encountered that could lead to an awesome opportunity for you or someone you know. Deep breath... here goes.

As I have gone through the editing process on my last two weddings, I was excited to see how much my detail and photo-journalistic photography has continued to grow.  I also was thrilled that I was able to come away with some fun creative shots at my last reception thanks to some tips and suggestions that I read on Melissa Jill's photography blog.  (Thanks for sharing, Melissa!)  That leaves the portraits...

While I still have room for improvement in my bridal portraits, I am content with the creativity and selection that I have been able to offer my brides, but it is my bride/groom portraits that always seem to leave me wishing for more.  Thankfully I have some real gems from these last two weddings that I am very proud of, yet while I am shooting I sometimes find myself "stuck" between poses with no idea where to go next.  I can read other photographer's blogs and wedding magazines for inspiration and pre-plan the whole night before, but in the heat of the moment, I still find myself freezing up mentally while transitioning from pose to pose.   Add the pressure of a tight shooting schedule and you could have a recipe for disaster!

I believe the best way to improve my ability to invent creative poses on the fly is to practice, practice practice!  Like mom always said, "practice makes perfect"... or at least hopefully closer than I am to perfect right now.... haha!

Here's where you come in!  I am looking for engaged couples I can shoot to gain more experience without the pressure of the wedding day.  I am offering a *free engagement session ($250 value) to the first 5 couples who book a session with me.  (These couples are NOT required to book their wedding with me to take advantage of this offer. You still qualify even if you have booked your wedding with another photographer!) To sweeten the pot, the first 2 couples to book will also receive a high-res CD of the best 20 images from the session for FREE ($249 value)!!  For more information or to book a session, email me or call (478-342-8783).

I need the practice, and hopefully you or someone you know could use FREE photos!!  (You scratch my back; I'll scratch yours!)  Please pass this post along to everyone you know who is getting married.
And with that, I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a fun restful weekend!

*Free sessions will take place within 30 miles of my home in Duncan, SC.  (I will travel up to 120 miles if the couple pays for my gas from here to the location and back.)

As always, I can't post without including a photo!

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