Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just loaves and fish?

I'm sure this reflection will not be new for many of you, but it was a new thought for me, so I had to share.  I heard someone from Focus on the Family share this idea during a short inspirational clip on the radio while I was driving to Starbucks tonight to edit wedding photos. 

Back during Jesus three years of ministry before His death, he and the disciples went all over Israel (and sometimes Samaria) teaching the masses.  During one of his messages, Jesus was teaching over 5000 people.  When the disciples came to him and told him he should send the people away to find food, his reply was "you feed them."  After combing the crowd, all the disciples could come up with was 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.  From their perspective... "how in the world could that little snack feed 5000 men and their wives and children?"  The answer... it couldn't.  But Jesus could!  He took that pathetic offering and multiplied it to feed a multitude... literally. 

(Here's where the application comes in.)  God has called us to reach the WORLD for him.  What a huge task!  Then here we come, sinful and powerless, with our pitifully inadequate talents and abilities.  It's so easy to look at ourselves and think... I am just inadequate.  There's no way I can accomplish all that God requires of me.  True.  YOU CAN'T! ...None of us CAN!!  But GOD CAN!!!  He can take our tiny "loaves and fishes" and multiply them into talents and abilities for reaching the world in ways we could never imagine!  He knows who he has called us to reach and what we will need to accomplish this.  Our part is just to offer our loaves and fishes... he will do the rest. 

Thank you, Lord, for using us even when we seem so powerless.  Thank you for taking whatever we can come to the table with and making it just right to do what you have called us to.  Amen!

Here's a little sneak peek of our family adventure a few weekends ago... strawberry picking!  More to come!

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