Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Renee and... a bun in the oven

I couldn't help feeling a little sad and homesick when I was preparing this post.  These photos are from a maternity session I did for a close friend back in Atlanta.  She has a son that is two months older than my little guy, and they were good buddies when we were there.  We loved getting together for play dates... which gave both us mommies some adult time while the boys kept each other busy.  In November she had her second little guy (photos to come next week), and we went out the week before she was due (talk about last minute) to get these shots.  As you can see the light was GORGEOUS when we got to McDaniel Farm Park (oh how I miss you too!), and we had so much fun strolling around with the boys and snapping photos. 

I miss you so much already, Renee!  I pray that God will keep us close even with the miles that separate us and that he will bring us both another mommy friend to fill the gap.  :)

Happy hump day, everyone!

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