Friday, March 30, 2012

Little J.G. is 2!

A few weekends ago my husband's mom and sister were up for a visit, and while they were here we went out to Cleveland Park in Spartanburg so I could get some 2 year photos of my little man.  It was the perfect time for the shoot because the cherry blossom trees were in fully bloom as were some of the azaleas.  There were also dandelions and clover all over the ground, which made for some cute shots because my little guy LOVES to pick "bi- ers" (translation flowers) for mommy.

I got a real treat while we were out too because it isn't often that I get to be in front of the camera with him, but Jim's sister offered to get a few shots of the two of us.  They really turned out cute!

Without further a-do... enjoy!

Happy Friday!!!
 (This is his "shewie face"... he doesn't grasp yet that flowers don't smell bad like diapers... haha.  Everything that smells is "shewie" right now.  :) 

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  1. Beautiful! Those shots remind me of one of your first shoots...when Fox was a little over 2!
    You're beautiful too!